Chabad Jewish center of Hillsboro offers weekly Shabbat Services and Kiddush in our Shul (synagogue), as well as on the various Jewish Holidays.

Ser vices are inspirational, joyful, and uplifting, in a warm family atmosphere.  

We are truly happy to see you when you come regardless your level of observance, knowledge or background.

Make it your weekend habit! Join Shabbat Services & Kiddush.

Services begin at 10:30 AM every Saturday morning, and are followed by a traditional Shabbat Kiddush.

Due to circumstances (Cov 19)- synagogue services will not be held in a regular way.

We do have occasionally Shabbat Morning 'outdoor Torah reading service and Kiddush - very limited and by reservation only.

You may RSVP here

Although services and kiddush are not taking place in the synagogue, each of us should focus our soul, and connect to our source of strength G-D. 

We are grateful for Shabbat sponsorship at this time. 

Although communal services, and kiddushim are not being held every week, we continue to operate, and your sponsorship makes a tremendous difference to our weekly and ongoing budget, especially in these challenging times.


May G-D bless the weekly sponsor with an abundance of blessings, good health, wealth, success and joy and much nachat!

Sponsor a Kiddush in honor of your special occasion, such as your birthday or that of a family member, an anniversary etc., or in memory (Yahrzeit) of a loved one.

To sponsor a Shabbat please see list below and contact us here


Click HERE see availability.


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