Chabad Jewish center of Hillsboro offers weekly Shabbat Services and Kiddush in our Shul (synagogue), as well as on the various Jewish Holidays.

Services are inspirational, joyful, and uplifting, in a warm family atmosphere.  

We are truly happy to see you when you come regardless your level of observance, knowledge or background.

Make it your weekend habit! Join Shabbat Services & Kiddush.

Services begin at 10:00 AM every Saturday morning, and are followed by a traditional Shabbat Kiddush.

We are grateful for Shabbat sponsorship!

This week's kiddsuh is sponsored by The Meyer Family

May G-D bless our sponsor with an abundance of blessings, good health, wealth, success, joy and much nachat!

Sponsor a Kiddush in honor of your special occasion, such as your birthday or that of a family member, an anniversary etc., or in memory (Yahrzeit) of a loved one.

To sponsor a Shabbat please see list below and contact us here


Click HERE see availability.

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