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What you probably know…

The Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro, through its youth programs, adult education classes, programs for children, community outreach, synagogue, and social service programs is always there for people as a "beacon of light" and "rock of support". A warm center for everything Jewish.
We are continuously working to increase in our programs, and range of activities.

What you might not know…

Chabad of Hillsboro does not receive any funding from Chabad headquarters, neither from Chabad of Oregon, nor the Jewish federation of greater Portland, or from any other organization.
We are supported solely by wonderful individuals from Hillsboro and abroad. You've helped us until now and proved how powerful of a force we are when we work together.

Friends like you are changing lives of children and adults

This is where your hard-earned dollars do not get lost in bureaucratic waste and morass, but have a direct positive affect and make an important difference in the lives of real people in your community. All this is done in a hands on, private when necessary and loving fashion.

What difference can you make?
Please think of how much your contribution will accomplish by sharing it with Chabad of Hillsboro, with the people who invest in Jewish life with love, compassion and real practical caring.

Chabad Jewish Center of Hillsboro is a 501(c)3 charity / Tax deductible receipt will be emailed to you

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